Physicochemical processes

Due to an extremely wide range of raw water conditions, water treatment requires a high level of flexibility in the selection of process steps and combinations of processes.

One example is the separation of a large variety of solids from surface waters or production wastewaters. To improve the separability of impurities, such waters are often flocculated and then separated off using sedimentation equipment (FLOCOMAT®.T or FLOCOPAC®.L) or a flotation process (FLOTTOPAC®). Challenging filtration tasks are solved using membrane filters.

If saline solutions need to be separated and concentrated, it is possible to use a broad spectrum of reverse osmosis membranes in a variety of module versions and with different pressure levels. To remove organic substances from water, H+E provides a range of different processes based on either adsorptive separation or oxidative degradation. The combination of processes that is eventually used always depends on the raw water matrix, the aim of the treatment, the customer’s requirements and the specific conditions of a given location. H+E supports and advises its customers in such matters throughout the world.