Biological-anaerobic processes

H+E offers biological anaerobic processes for many industries. Particularly with the ANAFIT®.CS contact sludge process, the globally active group of companies has established itself as the market leader in the sugar beet industry.

Anaerobic treatment uses microbiological processes that take place in the absence of oxygen to ensure the efficient degradation of organic substances to biogas, a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide. Biogas can be converted into electricity and heat in a combined heat and power unit (CHP) or used to heat a boiler.

Since anaerobic degradation consumes significantly less energy than aerobic degradation and requires less space, the waste water treatment plants of many industrial companies are equipped with anaerobic stages nowadays. H+E offers the pellet sludge reactor ANAFIT®.AC as well as its own ANAFIT®.CS contact sludge process.

H+E owes most of its technological expertise in the treatment of biological processes under aerobic and anaerobic conditions to Philipp Müller GmbH Apparatebau, which has been active in this field since 1896. In 1998, H+E integrated this long-established company into its core structure.