Special Technologies


Energy-efficient, maintenance-free and self-cleaning, this process from H+E works to aerate difficult waste water.

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Waste water often contains a lot of energy. The proven process converts this energy into biogas, which can then be used.

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H+E developed the ANAFIT®.CS reactor specifically for the anaerobic treatment of calcium-rich waste water from the sugar industry.

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The experts at H+E developed these membrane bioreactors to meet the highest demands for direct discharge and waste water recycling.



This combination of nitrification and denitrification is suitable for the safe removal of nitrogen from waste water.

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This tried-and-tested process from H+E reliably removes residues from waste water that are difficult or impossible to biodegrade.



This membrane bioreactor is a transportable, scalable solution. The MBR technology guarantees the best water qualities.

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With this space-saving process, oil, fat and finely suspended solids can be separated very effectively.

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