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For innovative solutions and optimised processes

Research and development have always had top priority at H+E. This has contributed to our becoming leading experts in the field of water treatment, always offering our customers the best possible process.

Biological-aerobic processes

Especially in the food industry and the paper industry, our biological-aerobic processes for waste water treatment are widely used. Bacteria use oxygen to remove organic pollutants, nitrogen and phosphorus from the waste water.

Biological-anaerobic processes

Our biological-anaerobic processes are ideally suited for the treatment of highly contaminated waste water. Anaerobic treatment not only saves aeration energy, it also converts waste water pollution into biogas and therefore generates sustainable energy.

Physicochemical processes

Having built over 40,000 facilities for a wide range of industrial sectors throughout the world, H+E can be regarded as one of the most successful providers of physico-chemical process technology in water treatment.

Special Technologies


This coarse-bubble aeration system is specially designed for the long-term, maintenance-free use in deep basins.


Energy-efficient, maintenance-free and self-cleaning, this process from H+E works to aerate difficult waste water.


Waste water often contains a lot of energy. The proven process converts this energy into biogas, which can then be used.


H+E developed the ANAFIT®.CS reactor specifically for the anaerobic treatment of calcium-rich waste water from the sugar industry.


We offer this efficient process for the purification of lightly to moderately polluted waste water in a wide range of industries.


If anaerobic treatment is impossible, this proven, robust moving bed bioreactor process can be used for biological pre-treatment.


The experts at H+E developed these membrane bioreactors to meet the highest demands for direct discharge and waste water recycling.


This combination of nitrification and denitrification is suitable for the safe removal of nitrogen from waste water.


This tried-and-tested process from H+E reliably removes residues from waste water that are difficult or impossible to biodegrade.


This membrane bioreactor is a transportable, scalable solution. The MBR technology guarantees the best water qualities.


This sedimentation process provides reliable solids removal and efficient sludge thickening.


This flocculation and precipitation reactor combines several functions and is suitable for all industries in which H+E is active.


With this space-saving process, oil, fat and finely suspended solids can be separated very effectively.


H+E has developed an innovative process combination to entirely avoid liquid waste.

Blue Gold - Water is our most precious resource. And that is exactly how we treat it.