Malaysia 2014

Offshore High Pressure High Performance Produced Water Treatment Package

A high-pressure high-efficiency produced water treatment system of Petronas an Sapura Energy designed to meet strict overboard discharge limits while accommodating onerous space and weight constraints imposed by offshore design requirements.

Petronas and Sapura Energy required a produced water treatment (PWT) system for their SK310 B15 production platform located offshore Sarawak, Malaysia. The system was designed to reduce the produced water free-oil concentration from a maximum of 3,000 ppm at the inlet to below 20 ppm for overboard discharge. The main challenges encountered on this project centred around the inlet pressure of 117 barg, flowrate, and high turndown all coupled with limited footprint and weight allowances imposed by the offshore design. The bespoke nature of the package allowed the H2O&G mechanical design team to produce an extremely compact design which further reduced the weight. The package was fabricated to in-country and client standards to ensure a high-quality reliable construction programme was followed. This practice along with maintaining high project management standards allowed for an early delivery of the package to the clients’ integration yard.

The solution not only achieved the required process separation duty, but also met the space and weight limitations. The package comprised 2 x 50 % deoiling hydrocyclones followed by two stages of compact flotation units (CFU) without the need for additional fuel gas or any pumping or water recycling.

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Facts & Figures

  • Reduction of the oil inlet concentration from a maximum of 3,000 ppmw at the inlet to a maximum of 20 ppmw suitable for overboard discharge