Denmark 2014

Oily Water Treatment Offshore

For an oil rig, Ørsted needed a treatment plant for treating oily water from various sources. Ørsted, Denmark, is the world market leader in offshore wind energy and offers innovative energy solutions for public utilities and industry.

For an oil rig, Ørsted needed an oily water treatment plant to treat water from various sources to remove oil down to <10 mg/l and 95% of solids >100 μm, making the water suitable for discharge into the sea. This application was a particular challenge due to the small droplet diameters and emulsified oils from the various sources. H+E met the challenge by providing their coalescer design with a solids removal system upstream of the coalescer technology.

Main components of the plant

The first stage of the plant consists of a basket filter with the task of removing suspended particles from the feed water. After the solids have been removed, the water is treated with a CPI system. This system consists of a pressurised tank containing a lamella package of separation plates. The water is passed through the tank and oil and residual solids are separated from the water by the plates. In a final step, the water is polished in a cartridge filter.

For further details please see our reference.

Facts & Figures

  • 20 m³/h of highly varied material flows
  • <10 mg/l oil content at discharge
  • 95 % of TSS under 100 μm