Germany 2012

New AOP application in a German paper mill

MD Papier GmbH, which belongs to the UPM Group, is one of Germany’s largest manufacturers of high-quality magazine papers. Due to a shift of production to higher-grade and higher bleached products, the percentage of persistent, non-biodegradable wastewater constituents has increased.

Since MD Paper discharges into a sensitive conservation area, the specified COD discharge limit values must be complied with. Use of raw materials as well as waste generation needed to be minimized within the solution to be found for a sustainable system. This was implemented by means of a tertiary treatment stage, which reduces the persistent COD. The new, tertiary treatment at MD Plattling has been in successful continuous operation since early 2014.

Developed Solution

In 2012 H+E was awarded the contract for building the third purification stage: The AOP process BIOFIT®. Oxyd² was installed downstream of the existing fully biological purification stages. This process consists of a two-stage ozonation with a subsequent BIOFIT®.F biofiltration. Non-biodegradable ingredients are partially oxidized in the ozone levels and made accessible again for biodegradation in the following BIOFIT®.F biofiltration.

Facts & Figures

  • Reduction of operating costs by approximately 50%
  • Needs-based treatment plant
  • Particularly economic due to gas usage
  • Minimization of energy consumption