Power Plants

The requirements for the construction of power plants for power generation are currently changing fundamentally. Above all, they need to be much more energy-efficient than they were a few years ago. The range of plants we build for our long-standing customers extends from base-load power plants to peak-load power plants, medium-load power plants and small-scale power plants. With the large number of projects that H+E has planned and implemented over the past decades, we have made a name for ourselves worldwide with energy suppliers, municipal utilities, industrial power plant operators and general contractors.

Regardless of the fuel and output of a power plant, we develop a tailor-made water management solution for your power plant. All raw water sources are feasible: surface water and well water, sea water as well as cooling tower waste water or sewage treatment plant waste water. Maximum availability, highest operational safety and a long service life of the plants with optimised cost-effectiveness have top priority for us.


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“We are planning a new water treatment plant for our boiler house. It will no longer be operated with drinking water, but with surface water. What solution can you implement for us?“


“Our aim is to supply the steam circuits with feed water with the lowest possible tendency to precipitation, corrosion and organic contamination, even in the absolute high-pressure range. That is why H+E uses proven processes such as ultrafiltration, ion exchangers, reverse osmosis, membrane degassing and electro-deionisation in individual combinations. Which process combination is used depends on the raw water matrix, the treatment target and the customer-specific or the site-specific conditions.“


“We are getting a steam turbine to generate our own electricity and we therefore need to improve our feed water quality and our steam quality. What solutions do you offer?“


“H+E provides concepts for optimised solutions for your specific requirements. These concepts are based on ion exchange, membrane, and physical degassing technologies as well as their combination. This allows deionized water of the appropriate quality to be provided to the steam turbine.“


“We want to treat our water with less or no chemicals in the future. What are the possibilities?“


“In modern water treatment, membrane technologies such as ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis are indispensable process stages. Constantly increasing quality requirements on the process water as well as economic constraints call for new ways and approaches to solutions including these membrane processes. This means that demineralised water can be produced with virtually no chemicals. The combination of ultrafiltration, permeate-graded reverse osmosis and EDI has proven itself especially in difficult raw water conditions.“


“In the future, we would like to recover and reuse a higher proportion of the resulting process condensates. What procedures can you suggest to us to clean the condensates?“


“As with boiler feed water, the condensate must also be cleaned of harmful substances before it is returned to the steam cycle. These were introduced by conditioning and contamination. At H+E, we achieve this goal with exceptionally advanced ion exchange processes such as externally or internally regenerated mixed beds. Also with these special applications, we resort to founded know-how and decades of experience.“


“We need a new treatment for cooling tower additional water for our power plant. The space available for this is very limited. What compact preparation process can you offer us for this?“


“In order to compensate for losses due to evaporation and desludging, river water is usually supplied to the cooling circuit. This must first be cleaned reliably and effectively of suspended particles and sediments. In addition to classical filtration methods, H+E also offers ultrafiltration for this purpose. Our teams also frequently work with our space-saving compact FLOCOPAC® system, a process for precipitation, flocculation and sedimentation.“

More Case Studies

Environmentally friendly concept for ultrapure water and wastewater

Germany, 2007

H+E convinced photovoltaic module manufacturer Avancis with its comprehensive solution for process water supply and wastewater treatment.

Wastewater treatment to meet the most stringent requirements

Egypt, 2008

In Egypt, an anaerobic-aerobic waste water treatment plant operating in a sugar beet factory, meets the strictest limit values.

Biological waste water treatment to meet the highest requirements

Russia, 2014

In order to achieve very low discharge values at its Sovetsk site, SCA Hygiene Products opted for an advanced biological waste water treatment plant from H+E.