Oil & Gas

The production and processing of oil and gas will continue to increase in the future. In the medium term, global demand for energy cannot be met solely by renewable resources. In order to use fossil fuels in the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way possible, the processes urgently need to be optimised, especially in the petrochemical industry.

It can be assumed that existing production sites in particular will be modernised, expanded and therefore adapted to current requirements. This includes the treatment of process waste water, which has to be treated in a much more complex and at the same time more energy-efficient way due to ever stricter environmental regulations. This can be very challenging for older plants that have already been adapted and enlarged several times. This applies, for example, to the integration of high-load stages and during operation, installation in limited space conditions and the modernisation of existing treatment stages. For the oil & gas downstream sector, H+E offers proven and stable processes as well as energy-optimised plants for industrial water treatment and waste water treatment, from pre-assembled system units to fully operational turnkey plants.


„We will soon be facing stricter requirements for the discharge of our waste water, as the limit values pursuant to AbwV Annex 45 will be lowered. What system solutions can you offer us?“


„We implemented a plant for Ruhr Oel GmbH with very similar requirements. Due to a decree of the Münster Regional Council, the waste water would have to be treated on site in the future. Since we have already implemented numerous waste water treatment plants for the petrochemical industry, the process used guarantees maximum safety and reliable operation of the waste water treatment plant. Particular attention was paid to their usability in line with requirements and to maximum efficiencies in the treatment of waste water.“


„We need a cost-efficient, process-stable and long-term proven ventilation system. Which system can you offer us?“


„Our AEROFIT®.V ventilation system has proven itself in such applications. Our engineers developed it for specific areas of application with their typical characteristics. In the case of AEROFIT®.V, these are mainly the oil and gas industry, pulp and paper production, and food and beverage production. This medium-bubble aeration system is characterised by a particularly high oxygen yield, long service life and a wide control range with constant efficiency.“

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We are expanding our production, which means that our process and wastewater amounts will increase and their qualities will change.

More Case Studies

Wastewater treatment to meet the most stringent requirements

Egypt, 2008

In Egypt, an anaerobic-aerobic waste water treatment plant operating in a sugar beet factory, meets the strictest limit values.

Successful expansion of a waste watertreatment plant

Germany, 2004

Significantly lower wastewater fees: a dairy in Bavaria achieved this goal thanks to H+E’s expansion of its existing wastewater treatment plant.

High-performance complete desalination

Great Britain, 2012

To increase the existing wastewater treatment plant’s performance, H+E implemented an anaerobic ANAFIT®.R2S reactor and a flotation plant at Farm Frites.