Chemical Industry

In a chemical plant, process water is required at numerous points: for heating or cooling, to produce steam, as a solvent and reaction medium, or simply for rinsing. This is one of the reasons why almost every major chemical plant is located on a river. The water taken from the river is pre-treated to the desired process specification in a central plant. A large part of the water is used only once, then post-treated in a central plant and returned to the river.

However, the pressure to conserve water as a resource is constantly increasing. Furthermore, companies are increasingly interested in keeping even small amounts of toxic or non-degradable substances out of the environment. This is leading to a rethink: Our customers increasingly want to implement decentralized plants for recycling low-contaminated streams as well as for the treatment of partial wastewater streams. Our expert teams adapt these specialised systems to the specifics of the respective location. H+E uses its complete portfolio of physicochemical, biological, and thermal processes to pre-treat river water and produce demineralised water, to treat recyclable wastewater and to process wastewater streams with low and high levels of pollution.


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“We need a quick service or an inventory and investigation of our equipment, which your company did not supply. Can you help us here?”


“Our service department will examine and assess your plant – regardless of which supplier it comes from.”


“We are adapting our production. This reduces or increases our process and waste water volumes and their composition. How can we coordinate our existing water treatment system with you, at best during operation?”


“Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.”


“The requirements for the discharge of our waste water are becoming stricter. Therefore, we need expert help with the necessary measures, for example for a suitable partial flow treatment. What types of solutions can you develop for us?“


“A partial stream treatment is generally a customised solution, adapted to the specific local conditions. Please give us a call and make an appointment on site, we will be happy to visit you.“


“We need a temporary, containerised and, if required, modularly expandable water treatment plant. What solution can you offer us?”


“Please send us your inquiry, if you like also as functional description. We will get back to you as soon as possible and work with you to find the right concept.”

More Case Studies

Environmentally friendly concept for ultrapure water and wastewater

Germany, 2007

H+E convinced photovoltaic module manufacturer Avancis with its comprehensive solution for process water supply and wastewater treatment.

Wastewater treatment to meet the most stringent requirements

Egypt, 2008

In Egypt, an anaerobic-aerobic waste water treatment plant operating in a sugar beet factory, meets the strictest limit values.

Biological waste water treatment to meet the highest requirements

Russia, 2014

In order to achieve very low discharge values at its Sovetsk site, SCA Hygiene Products opted for an advanced biological waste water treatment plant from H+E.