H+E Italy is a spin-off of engineers from Ionics Italba and was founded in 2006. Our team at H+E Italy offers high quality products, excellent engineering work and the best service available. This we can guarantee, since our expert engineers have been working together for decades.

For petroleum refineries and related industries, H+E Italy offers a special technology: its oil coalescer. The coalescer is a simple, virtually maintenance-free system for separating oil from oily water and comes with many advantages, like its removal efficiency of up to 99.9 % and no chemicals added.

In the last few years, we started approaching a new philosophy in managing wastewater: Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). Our goal is to fully recycle the water in the system and to only add the fresh water absolutely needed to compensate losses. Because we always keep in mind: Water is our most precious resource. And that is exactly how we treat it.


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