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Spent Caustic Treatment - AquaCritox® SC

AquaCritox® SC is a modern hydrothermal oxidation process optimised for spent caustic treatment. The AquaCritox® tubular reactor operates at up to 165 bar and 300 °C ensuring efficient and thorough oxidation of even hard-to-remove COD. The use of oxygen rather than air as the oxidant significantly increases the oxygen transfer rate, thereby achieving increased reaction rates and short retention times far below current industry standards. The valveless pressure release system offers increased reliability and longevity. Combining all benefits, AquaCritox® SC addresses the shortcomings of traditional bubble column based wet air oxidation systems.

Spent caustic is a noxious and toxic waste product generated by the oil and gas industry. The main oxidable compounds (COD) found in spent caustic include sulphides, mercaptans, phenols, cresylic salts and naphthenic salts.

High-temperature oxidation allows the far-reaching destruction of resilient COD. The AquaCritox® SC process therefore destroys all odour and toxicity precursors by oxidation, thus allowing treated spent caustic disposal through a conventional biological treatment plant or to the sewer.

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Model of AquaCritox® SC plant for the treatment of 2m³/h spent caustic

For large scale testing, a mobile AquaCritox® SC demonstration unit is available. The feed capacity of the plant is 80 l/h and the system is designed to treat feed streams with up to 50 g/l COD. It is equipped with gas generation for oxygen supply and can be easily deployed on site. The unit consists of one 40 ft and two 20 ft containers which will be delivered to site on flatbed trailers.

The plant is operated from a control room which is integrated in one of the containers. The system works fully automated. Many parameters therefore are continuously monitored and logged. To ensure safe operation at any time, effective safety procedures have been implemented and tested.


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