Physical-chemical pre-treatment

A wide variety of raw water sources and raw water qualities are used to produce industrial process water. In order to protect the high-quality and ever scarcer resources for the production of drinking water, industrial water consumers increasingly have to resort to surface water or purified waste water as a source of raw water. To achieve the desired process water quality in these cases, softening or demineralisation is usually required.

The process steps chosen for this, such as reverse osmosis or ion exchangers, can only be used after optimum raw water pre-treatment. This includes removal of turbidity, for which flocculation reactors with downstream high-performance clarifiers (FLOCOPAC®.L) or high-performance flotation unit (FLOTTOPAC®) are installed. Ultrafiltration is also very well suited for this purpose and produces excellent water quality for all subsequent process stages, such as reverse osmosis.

In addition to solids separation, iron removal, manganese removal and TOC reduction are often essential components of process water pre-treatment. The site-specific raw water conditions make an adapted and flexible treatment strategy necessary. This requires broad process engineering expertise. And this is why H+E is the right partner for the task. We supply you with treatment concepts that are economical and tailored to every raw water situation.

Important aspects in the selection of the process sequence:

  • Appropriate analytical evaluation of the raw water composition
  • Simulation of the expected water quality, in particular for organic constituents (TOC)
  • Minimisation of raw water demand and waste water generation

Our References

Environmentally friendly concept for ultrapure water and wastewater

Germany, 2007

H+E convinced photovoltaic module manufacturer Avancis with its comprehensive solution for process water supply and wastewater treatment.

Wastewater treatment to meet the most stringent requirements

Egypt, 2008

In Egypt, an anaerobic-aerobic waste water treatment plant operating in a sugar beet factory, meets the strictest limit values.

Biological waste water treatment to meet the highest requirements

Russia, 2014

In order to achieve very low discharge values at its Sovetsk site, SCA Hygiene Products opted for an advanced biological waste water treatment plant from H+E.

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